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Generally spoken we consider ourselves as consultant of the entrepeneur – more than business consultants. We are your partner in giving new impetus and new angles of view in a agile Quality Management and it support processes.

Fundamentally you anyway know everything that is necessary to keep your success upright. In case it wouldnt be as such your enterprise would not exsist anymore. Nevertheless from time to time it is important to confront yourself with impetus of third parties.

Our core competence in Quality Management in the logistic sector of meduim-sized enterprises is the key to solve situations when somthing new has to be implemented or a gridlock has to be undone.

Our consultants achived experience at verious managment levels in doing what they nowadays advise to our clients.

We like to get challenged by our clients to supply the maximum in performance for a fair budget.

Our portfolio

A unique characteristic of an enterprise in the world of competition is a vivid and efficient Quality Management System and its certification.

Most of our new clients feel at the beginning as if they have to climb a mountain that is too high fort hem. With the policy of little but directed steps we together make it to the aim.

After short period of time processes are defined and entrepeneur and employees feel safe in a controlled and optimized environment.

We pick you up allong your daily busniess – in a pace that leaves the chance fort he enterprise to grow with the set aims. Please belive – a good Quality Management System let you achive results that you before didnt consider to be possible.

Your Quality Management Systems leaves a recognizeable USP and reliabilty to your enterprise and employees – stated with certificates like ISO 9001-2015, IFS International Featured Standard and a lot others.

The topic of occupational safety in the company is directly related to quality management and its certification.

We assess these topics (in extracts) with risk assessments and process them cost-effectively via our network of independent experts.

  • Specialist for occupational safety (external)
  • SCC specialized training in trade
  • UVV on swap bodies
  • Statutory rack inspections
  • Instruction of forklift drivers
  • Industrial survey with drone

If a topic is not mentioned here, please contact us anyway. Our solutions are tailored to SMEs and organized cost-effectively.

In an age of fierce competition and globalized markets, every company needs to use its resources as sparingly as possible because the profit still lies in purchasing.

Often one part of the company generates profits and another part of the company works off these profits. The “external” typically provides the solution to the puzzle.

The range of topics is too large to be mentioned here in detail: just the topic of service tenders and here in particular, energy tenders and green logistics are already fields with great savings potential.

Thanks to several partners, all of whom have experience in the SME sector. We specialize in following precisely these tracks and sometimes only need to make a small adjustment to achieve more pleasing revenues for all sides.

In such situations, everyone wins: the employees because they can demonstrate better success in the future and the company through better value creation.

We allow ourselves to be measured by our success, and typically even go so far as to be paid for our success.

according to ISO 50001 – 2011

Energy management is a frequently overlooked topic in companies with great potential for increasing income through savings.

With certified interim energy management officers, we take the pressure off your company in terms of personnel and introduce efficient systems to save energy and thus reduce operating costs.

Energy management systems are a prominent part of a company’s quality management and an indicator of its innovative ability in the market and competitive environment.

Companies that maintain a corresponding system enjoy partial exemption from the EEG surcharge and will be able to take advantage of equalization regulations for electricity and energy tax in accordance with Section 41 of the EEG in the future.

Our specialized consultants will take over:


  • Management and further training of the energy team
  • Identifying opportunities for optimization
  • Creating and analyzing energy tenders
  • Planning and conducting internal energy audits
  • Defending the system in relation to certification companies
  • Overall documentation and processing of the management report

The best thing from the company’s perspective, however, is that our consultants do not generate any additional costs for the company, but are paid from a share of their savings.

All in all, this is more than a good reason to set up an energy management system with us immediately.

Sales, Marketing and Business Strategies along with generating of leads are main tasks which take varying ranges of importance in each enterprise.

Whether a few days per month or a concentrated campaign – we offer custom made solutions to cover your needs and help to hold and expand your position in the market.

Not in all cases your enterprise needs a full time employee for sales and marketing – on the other hand you could easily fade into obscurity in case you don’t present yourself to your clients and interested parties.
Our clients can expect prime methods, eloquent addressing and messurable results – without months of commitment.

Business Development, Business Strategies – you can name it like you want – without developement of your business connections your business will decrease.

Keep pace with changing markets – with us.

In the past years entprises learnd about the necessety of operating in cost efficiency. Interim Manager take often an imporant part in these modern management models.

To cover your needs we place the part time colleague – a partner with a wide scope of knowledge in strategies – particularly for small and medium-sized companies.

Result-oriented and loyal our consultants are accustomed to analyse your processes and incorporate themselves to achive your companies targets. Just to name some competencies – contract design, SOP, negotiations of employment agreements, employee matching and many more are in their scope.

Interim Management offers a wide range of abilities and unknown impulses to open up a window into a not yet known world.

Against all expectations we work affordable, based on hourly rates and interesting terms of payment.

About me

My clients learned in more than 25 years of experience as independent consultant that even the first phase of our collaboration in Quality Management led to structured working environments and to more fluent processes.

I stand for providing medium-sized enterprises with the opportunities of affiliated groups.

My duty is to identify myself with your situation, to look from your eyes into the world of my abilities. This causes, on top of your longtime experiences, new prospects to save and better your position in the market.
I am the specialist in Quality Management Systems who provides your needs with systems, techniques, and professionals to help you to gain profits where you didn’t expect them anymore.

In a first cost-free consultation I will explain more details, references and my cost structure.

Harmonization with medium-sized enterprises starts from my perspective with hourly rates and not with daily rates – stay curious and call for the first appointment.


Werner Kelpe

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